Internal Affairs: 08-03-2011


It's been a crazy seven days for the Whiskey interns! Yeah, there's a teeny bit of Farmville discussion in there, but it's mostly a blend of soundboard abuse, Luigi's Mansion talk and premonitions of the impending punksportsalypse. Enjoy!

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Man, this was a super fun episode to record. Also: To the dude who sent us an email asking about our Twitter accounts: you got it!

Nick Robinson: Babylonian

Ben Pack: PackBenPack

Matt Kessler: MattBodega

Steve: LemonPuddingPop

I'll end this post with some statistics: according to Feedburner, we're up to 334 RSS subscribers, and the individual episodes have at least 1,100 downloads each. You guys are seriously the best! <3