Internal Affairs: 07-15-2011


The third episode of Internal Affairs happened, and it's my favorite episode yet.

iTunes link / Download (MP3)

What uuuuuup! Matt Kessler's back, Steve II has departed and our third episode is upon us! Jump in and enjoy this episode LOADED TO THE GILLS with information on Quick Looks, Harry Potter spoilers, Nintendownload trailers and other stuff! It's a 27-minute party, and you guys are invited.

It's also come to my attention that, despite our iTunes presence being totally jacked, we already have over 100 subscribers! You guys are the sweetest. This week is gonna be the week I move everything over to an RSS feed that isn't just a Giant Bomb blog, and that should fix 1000% of our display issues. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you guys dig the new episode!